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Mais Lady do que GAGA!

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Title: Silly Boy - Photosession

Artist: Eva Simons

Photographer: Martin Häusler

Date: 05 Jul 2009

Usage Rights: Worldwide

Copyright: EMI Music Germany

EVA SIMONS - A nova sensação da música pop mundial!!! 


“Eva! Something terrible has happened!” Producer Tearce (Tearce 'Kizzo' Keaz) is on the phone. “Somehow, our demo song ‘Silly Boy' has found its way into the Internet!” But instead of being shocked, Eva Simons simply enquires, “How many hits has it got so far?” “Approximately one million!” (current plays: 4 Million)

So many? That’s crazy, isn’t it? “Silly Boy“ is celebrated as the new song by Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga. Fans on YouTube.com are ecstatic about it: “It’s simply magnificent, I love those two!” Eva adds. Even MTV and BRAVO (major youth magazine web sites) “SHOULD BE CHANGED IN EACH TERRITORY” feature what they presume to be Rihanna’s latest ear candy. It simply HAS to be Rihanna, after all there’s no doubt that she’s getting even with Chris Brown in this song: “So Silly Boy get out my face” and “I said I'm not coming back. You fooled me once but you can't have that ego turning.” And who is Lady Gaga? Seems to be some female support... But whoever listens more closely will soon figure out that “Silly Boy“ is only sung by one vocalist — and it’s neither Rihanna nor Lady Gaga.

Her name is Eva Simons. It is Eva’s voice that moves the fans and that can be heard on the demo recording of “Silly Boy,“ uploaded on the net. When she heard the first tunes she was immediately sold, Dutch producer Tearce then took care of the rest. “We wrote the song and the lyrics for ‘Silly Boy’ already in the winter of 2008 — long before Rihanna and Chris Brown were known to have any problems at all. We simply wanted to write a powerful song for women who are treated badly by their partners,” Eva explains. When it occurred that Rihanna was having exactly those kind of problems described in “Silly Boy,“ suddenly the demo version made its way into the world wide web and so the song took on a life of its own. Eva is still amazed: “We don’t have the slightest clue how this happened,” she says.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who the mysterious song thief was. The only thing that counts is that music fans in the internet are beside themselves. Being compared with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, even with Natasha Bedingfield and Keri Hilson speaks for itself, and four million hits is the decisive factor: “Silly Boy” has to live on for the fans. “I’m not afraid of anybody being disappointed when they find out that I am the voice behind ‘Silly Boy.’ It is evident that people like the sound. It brings in a new style, something like Heavy Pop — Pop mixed with Rock, Punk and Dance beats.” Eva’s mission: making the masses dance to “Silly Boy”.

And that mission will be accomplished. Because “Silly Boy” and with it the sound created by Eva and Tearce are the peak of a life dedicated to music. The twenty-five-year-old Dutch singer grew up in a family deeply affected by music. Her grandfather was no other than the famous accordion player Johnny Meijer (1912–92), to whom his hometown of Amsterdam even dedicated a statue. When Eva was a little girl, Johnny was simply her granddad, but when she grew older she discovered all of his recordings and was thrilled. “Who knows, maybe one day I will sample some of his tunes for one of my songs,” she says jokingly. Her father is a pianist, her stepfather Wim Both is a trumpeter, playing amongst others for the renowned German WDR Big Band. Eva’s mother Ingrid Simons is a vocalist, working as a background singer for stars such as The Supremes.

And so it is no wonder that Eva owns photographs of herself as a two-year old, tinkling the piano. “I think I taught myself at first. But I distinctly remember how happy I was when my mother suggested two years later that I should take piano lessons,” she recalls. Less than a decade later, aged twelve, she had composed her first piano song.

When she was sixteen, she discovered programmes such as Logic and Pro Tools and began producing professionally. “I wanted to use some beats in addition to the piano sound and hear the complete production of my songs.” In 2008, she began to also write songs for other artists. Listen up — these are soon going to be released in the Netherlands. Eva’s songs often reflect a slice of her own life. She admits: “Sometimes it’s about love, about breaking up, about quarrelling with your mum, or a dog that has died.”

Her passion for music was so fierce that Eva grew to hate school: “We only had one music lesson per week. But I was dying to play music the whole day long, every single day of the week!” So, aged sixteen, she decided to enrol at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she was finally in a position to learn everything professionally: the technology, the theory, how to play in various bands. “It was like Disneyland to me!” Since she was not yet aged eighteen, Eva had to start with the preparatory courses. During her time at the college of music, she initially studied World Music, and then moved to Jazz, then Pop, and at the age of twenty-three she had her diploma. In the meantime, she gained experience as a background vocalist as well as producing advertising jingles.

Today, Eva can proudly state that she has reached her goal. “I’m really glad that I chose my path the way I did,” she beams. “I’ve got some really wonderful songs up my sleeve; we’ve got our Youtube hit ‘Silly Boy.' Finally I’m able to do exactly what I always wanted to do! It feels as if I had finally found the last piece of the puzzle!“

Text: Frauke Poganatz
Fonte: EMI

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