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Banda Baleia

Representantes da nova cena musical carioca, a banda baleia vem cheia de influências de Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Loius Armstrong e até mesmo Justin Timberlake.

Formada por:

Cairê Rego - baixo
David Rosenblit - piano
Felipe Ventura - guitarra, violíno
Gabriel Vaz - voz
João Pessanha - bateria
Luiza Jobim - voz
Sofia Vaz - voz

A banda compõe sua próprias letras em português e inglês e seu som passeia do jazz ao pop e rock. Promete.

Aqui a letra de Killing Cupids:

All these winged children playing with guns
Have fun, don't mind them
There's a singing voice in your black hole iris
Fuck this, I'm jumping
But first, there's an entire world of lovers we have to deny

Let's smoke, let's get drunk
Watch them flying by
Rip their wings like flies
We're gonna laugh so much
That my hope will be silent
My hope will behave today

My heart will be a mule
Do you hear that?
It's not a heartbeat
It's not a heartbeat
It's the wind slamming the door of an empty house
Yeah, my heart's an empty house
It's so dramatic
You love the static
Under my clothes that fever grows
It's automatic
This agreement is on fire
Your lust and my desire
Make promise, promise
I promise we are friends when we fall tired

Take your bathing suit
My heart is water blue
There's a world built of "mes" and yous"
Take me on a ride for the sake of time
These boots are worn out,
the sky has faded out
Would you knock on my door, put me back in place?Give a little taste?
My heart will be silent
My heart will be safe today

We'll hunt them all
We'll dig them out
let's kill 'em

Aqui o cover de What Goes Around Comes Around do Justin Timberlake

E aqui a versão ao vivo pra TOXIC de Britney Spears

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